Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stay at home mom without any kids

Hello, world. It's a cold January day in Colorado which gives me an excuse to still be cozied up on the couch in my sweats, a cup of green tea, and my trusty laptop. No sub jobs today, or rather for this whole week so I have been spending all of that free time writing. And, of course, by writing I mean daydreaming, chatting with friends at my local coffee shop, spending hours trying to find the perfect name for my blog, and staring at a blank document fighting the awful writers' block.

Which has led me to think about my current existence. I used to thrive on being busy. Being a Master Time-Manager. Not having enough hours in my day to get everything done. I love stress and deadlines, and then meeting them with flying colors. Which was my Georgia life. But since our transition to Colorado (four months ago, didn't get a full-time teaching job, hence the subbing) that is not my Colorado life.

My Colorado life has been the life of a writer. A dreamer. A creator. A person who spends most of her time either in a coffee shop or at home bringing life to stories, words, and everyday occurrences. And that's mostly it. Not that sexy of a life. There's no glory in that- no accolades, no hoorahs. Not until I get an actual book deal. Which is what fuels me and I imagine most people in this crazy world of writing. The Dream. The belief that we have something to share that is actually worth sharing and has the power to change lives through reading what we wrote down. And so I write. And research. And think about possibilities. And pursue The Dream.

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