Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First is the best, second is the worst, third is the....

Is that how that rhyme goes?

I just submitted my second article to CincHouse. Is it weird that I am more nervous about that one than the first? With the first, it felt like I had nothing to lose. I wrote up an 800 word piece summarizing our deployment experiences in about 20 minutes, sent it off to my boss (editor? I'm still learning lingo), learned she loved it, and a few days later had the surreal, out-of-body experience of going to the website and reading my VERY OWN WORDS on a page. (Here it is if you want to read it) She loved it so much that I was offered a Deal to write articles several times a month for them. Initially (after possibly screaming up and down with joy- someone likes MY writing!) I was honored, humbled, and excited.

But then my brain actually registered what that entails. That's a LOT of pressure to consistently, thoughtfully, and intelligently turn out good work. Anyone can be good at something one time. It could just be a fluke but no one would know. But to repeat the jaw-dropping performance that makes someone react saying 'I just MUST have them work for me' is a bit daunting.

So compare my first article experience: It just kind of came to me and felt a bit easy honestly
With the second article: The better part of a week was spent sitting on the couches of my favorite coffee shop (yay Zoe's!) writing, revising, scrapping and starting over until I felt like it was worthwhile to be submitted to the Higher Authorities of Cinchouse article critiquing.

I have been learning/learned/need to learn how to just let go. As long as you do what's right and do the very best you possibly can, that's about all you have to offer and I need to be okay with that. I wrote from my heart and feel like it represented myself and my marriage well, so I just need to let go and trust that things will happen the way they're supposed to happen.

Now, on to more important (used loosely) things: THE BACHELOR. Tragically, I was unable to watch the episode last night but got caught up on some clips from the website including the fact that Jake kicked off Corrie rather than VIENNA! Oh Jake, what are you doing? And then there were four. I think that I'm Team Tenley. Or maybe Team Ally. To Be Determined.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying this beautiful Tuesday!

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