Thursday, August 5, 2010

The brilliance of local

I swung by our local farmer's market yesterday afternoon and absolutely fell in love. There's something about them that speak to my heart. Knowing I'm getting better food grown by hardworking people that live 5 miles away from me rather than 3000. Supporting farmer's directly and ensuring that they are being paid fairly. It's such a different environment than a grocery store.

I walked around, chatting with each farmer... asked where their farm was, how to tell if their produce was ready, how long they've lived here and little pieces of their story. I love interactions like that.

I got to the corn guy and he had me take a bite of the corn. Raw. Seriously. He pulled down the husk and I took a bite right there in the farmer's market. It was Delicious. He said that corn sold in grocery stores is developed to ship; to be hardy and last a week or two. But true, local farm corn is grown to be eaten that day so it is much more tender and much sweeter so I could bite it right off. All it needs is to be warmed up enough to melt some butter on it. Fascinating, huh?

I liked him so I bought a lot of corn. Some squash and zucchini at another guys place. Fresh Colorado peaches at another. Green beans too.

And I could carry it all around in my cute pink tote!


  1. I love the Farmer's Market too. It reminds me of the 4 years I lived in Germany when everything was sold in a farmer's market type fashion. Swing by my blog tomorrow for some blog hopping fun with Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop. Have a fabulous weekend!


  2. I love local produce! We get a weekly Farmer's Market basket - some of it is nor local but it does force us to eat more fruits and veggies - and in-season, fresh items.