Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I heart Craig's List

Just this year I have begun something new.

I have entered into the world of Craig's List and it has been epic.

In the fall I dabbled my toes. I needed a new coffee table and found a BEAUTY on there. She's perfect. I'm looking at her right now and still just as in love as I was on Day 1.

Then I took some time off. But this week I was realizing that we had some things we needed to get rid of to open up our house because we have just accumulated some junk in our years.

So I returned. Craig's List was beckoning me back.

Yesterday we put up a desk. SOLD within the afternoon.

This morning we put up some dining room chairs. SOLD within 2 hours!

I now have cash burning in my wallet which is a dangerous, dangerous thing. It feels like free money to me. The responsible thing would be to put it toward vital things like groceries, gas, etc.

That is boring.

In an ideal world I would use this new money to buy shoes maybe. But in my old age I think that I am becoming responsible and will put it towards something necessary.

Still. Craig's List ROCKS!


  1. I've always heard people talk about buying things off Craig's List, but never selling. I'm glad to hear you've had a positive experience. Maybe I'll be brave and give it a shot.

  2. I LOVE craigslist. I usually sell more than I buy on there. I like ebaying some stuff but others are too big too ship so I stick with craigslist. Heck, I've purchased a used climber for $30, used it for a year and then resold for $35 before!