Sunday, April 18, 2010


I have a confession.

I am unbelievably competitive.

Ridiculously. Unabashedly. Over-the-top, no-logic, passion-driven, must-be-#-1, competitive.

I don't know where it comes from. Scratch that; it must be, at least in part, from my family. We did, after all, have a 'Smartest Daughter Competition.'

You read that right. I think it was over Christmas one year and we were up at our place in the mountains and bored one night. So, of course, a game had to be thought up. The husbands and my dad thought of 10 questions each (2 in the 5 categories: history, politics, pop culture, geography, and math), which we then answered as fast as we could. I WON!

And then, there is always the game we play in which we see who can make my dad laugh the most. It's funny because he doesn't know about the game so we just try to be witty, make him laugh, and keep the mental scorecard.

However, this is where my confession comes in. The other day L and I were babysitting a 5th grade girl for the weekend and were playing on one of those balance games where you're on a board that can roll from side to side. I don't know the name, but do you know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, I was balancing on the board and DOING AWESOME! We were timing who could stay up the longest and One minute ticked by, Minute Two ticked by... I was coming up on the time that this 5th grade girl had reached... I was going to BEAT HER!

Well, she knew this so got in front of my face and starting making funny faces and tickling me to make me lose my focus and fall off. Which I did. Man, oh man, was I mad. I seriously had to walk away when she started celebrating at how she won so I wouldn't start trash talking a 10-year-old! It was rigged, Becky! You didn't really win!

Then I had to catch myself. Seriously, Sarah? You're pouting about losing to a kid?!? That's just wrong. I'm ridiculous.

Apparently though, I didn't learn because last Wednesday L & I were hanging out with our high school students and playing this ninja game which might sound nerdy but in all reality is a blast. One of the boys pulled a really cheap move, basically CHEATED, in order to get me out. So I got out of the game without getting even close to winning.

Ohhhhh, I was not happy.

I had to repeat the mantra 'You're a leader here. It doesn't matter. You're a leader here. It's not a big deal... leave it! It's GOOD to let them win.' I have some work to do on this heart o' mine.

It's a disease.


  1. Yes! That's it! You guys used to have one in your basement; oh the memories.

    P.S. I tried commenting on your blog the other day (about your sweet poor dog having to eat your herbs!) and something funky was going on with my computer and it wouldn't let me. I won't give up though- I'll keep trying!

  2. My husband is like that. He doesn't even like letting our 7 & 5 yr olds win! lol He says that doesn't teach them anything. haha Good for you for not trash talking ;)

  3. Another thing we have in common! :) I have always been competitive. Luckily for me, my husband completely understands (because he is the same way). My only worry is that I'm passing it on to my kids.

  4. Your storry is so funny and I can absolutely relate! I am extremely competitive. I was the kid that would turn over the Monopoly board if I didn’t win. OK.. that was when I was little, but I really hate to lose. So, when I turned about 30 I stopped playing board games and I haven’t played since. Thankfully, my kids are not as bad as me!
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