Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's par-tay time!

I've never been one to turn down a party invitation, so when I learned that the nester was having a mantle link-up party, I had to come along!

To preface this, my mantle is weird. It's not a mantle so much as a collection of rocks. This is a rental house though, and perfect for us for the time being, so I'm workin' with what I got.

Notice: the glimpse of the beautiful armoire to the right that my sister-in-law gave me. In exchange for a night o' babysitting, but seriously. It's beautiful.

My ragamuffin garland, O how I love thee.

I'm semi-addicted to old windows. This is just one of many to be found throughout my house... all found for cheap or for free at garage sales, junk yards, piles of trash... there is no limit to my dedication to finding treasure.

See the stones that stick out that comprise my 'mantle'?

I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but the walls in the room are aqua. As in, circa 1981 neon blue. Also, this house very much has a 1970's retro feel with the window treatments, giant floral wallpaper as well as the choice of paint colors. I recognize the gift of us being able to live here practically for free, but I also have been dying to redo the place. I was hanging out with the lady who owns our house yesterday and finally got up the guts to ask her if it was okay if I did a little painting and re-doing for her... and she gave me the go-ahead!

Prepare yourself to be amazed, my friends. The before and after pics will be Epic. Tobacco Road paint, here I come.


  1. Have you visited ? It is an awesome site if you love remodeling! I love it! I look forward to your remodel!!!

  2. awesome! in many ways. I have a nice mantle (mantel? mantal?) waiting for me at our new place, for the first time ever. i can not wait!

    also - i can. not. wait. to see your pictures. can I rent you out for home decorating/renovations in addition to spring cleaning?

  3. I love this! I don't have much of a mantle either, just a flat brick wall. But we're renting too, so now I have some ideas to make it work!

    Thanks for sharing :-)