Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We're back! Physically... maybe not mentally quite yet

Um, hi.

It's been awhile.

How are you guys?

We got back from camp with our YL high schoolers late Saturday night (early Sunday mornin') and it has taken me a few days to recover. Seriously. I can't do this stuff like I used to.

Especially because I haven't really let myself recover. Sunday was spent at church and then with friends till late, then Monday we had a post-camp lake party at our place complete with tubing and hamburgers. A girl can't ask for more.

So... our week. It was SO fun! So utterly, numbingly exhausting and packed full of awesome stuff. SO life-changing for these kids. And me.

Our relationships were tightened. Faiths were strengthened... and created. Laughter. Oh, the laughter.

It was unbelievable sitting around and talking with these kids. The stories they brought were heartbreaking. And this wasn't a camp for troubled teens or anything, just normal high schoolers. But it is what life is now handing kids these days; they have a lot of hurt. Abandonment, drug addict parents, absent dads, wrong choices, divorces... so we just sat there and listened to them. It is so beautiful to see what actually being heard can do for a person's self-confidence.

Here's our awesome group- the girls rockin the 80s and the boys as the tough men of Braveheart. Anything in the name of a volleyball competition

Me and my man at the dress up dinner

Our group of 30 was just a drop in the bucket of the total group of 500- SO fun!

We make this look good.


  1. What a blessing it sounds like your trip truly was!
    Blessings from ifellowship!

  2. As tiring as it was, I'm sure it was worth it all! What a great looking bunch. (On another note: I completely agree with you about Inception. My hubby thinks we are wrong.:)

  3. oh!!!! I love hanging with teenagers!!! FUN!

  4. Hi! Coming by from iFellowship...I'm your newest follower! I like your blog. These pics remind me of my own spiritual-high, happy-go-lucky days of youth camps...ah, good times. Feel free to stop by The Farris Wheel and say hi.