Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shenanigans of the mouth

Remember my trip to the dentist on Monday? Well, I had to go back.


I had a cavity. Ugh. This was not my proudest moment. I feel like a failure even just admitting that fact. It was my first one.

Have any of you guys ever had to get a cavity filled before? Well, it's not the most fun way to spend your Wednesday afternoon. She told me I would feel a little 'pinch' and then shoved a needle halfway through my gums.

And my mouth went numb.

Remember my 'Active Salivary Glands' problem? Try getting control of that issue with numb lips. Hah!

So I got the cavity filled. Drilling. Not fun. Then afterward my poor, poor self didn't know exactly how bad the numb lips were all afternoon long. I felt fine, so when I checked out of the office I was my normal chatty self with the receptionist, smiling and laughing.

I then ran errands all afternoon- Kohl's, Target, Wal-mart, Arc Thrift Store, etc... checked out there too and talked to the cashiers there too. My lips felt funny, but I thought it was just me.

Then I came home. Lane was in the kitchen, took one look at me, and burst out laughing. Once he smartened up and regained composure the first words out of his mouth were...

And I quote:

"I would still love you even if you looked like that for the rest of your life."

So I freak out not knowing what he's talking about, but then we both die laughing and of course, have to document the freakishness that was my mouth.

I was out in public like that, people. I am trying to smile here, much like I would have when checking out and smiling with the many people I encountered.

After laughing for a good 20 minutes Lane apparently felt the freedom to again put his foot in his mouth and say:

"You know what, it's actually probably a good thing you don't look like that all the time."


  1. Boo for cavities. but you crack me up.

    Also, next time (crossing fingers that there's isn't one) you can always request no novacaine. For me it hurts more (and is more annoying) than the few seconds of drilling pain. But maybe that's just me...

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I added a link to your blog in my post today. You are one of my favorite "writing" blogs. I know you are technically a writing blog, but you are a writer and I love reading your posts! :)

  3. Oh my that is so funny!!! I am so jealous that that is your first cavity. If you are a failure I am the worst of the worst. You don't even know how many i have, I have THE WORST teeth EVER! And I faithfully brush, floss, and mouthwash. sigh. such is life.