Thursday, February 4, 2010

Like sands through an hourglass...

These are the days of our lives. Soap Opera TV, anyone? I grew up on that show, cheering for Hope and Beau to get together, hating Sammie...

Without any earth-shattering revelations of the week, I am posting some of the days of our lives here. One thing that struck me this week is that I should be banned from Crock-pot cooking FOREVER... you will understand soon.

Without any kiddos yet, our Golden has filled that role gloriously. We got her three years ago as we were preparing for Lane to head overseas for the first time. He wasn't too excited about owning a dog because he didn't want to be tied down to anything in case we ever wanted to go on a spontaneous weekend vacation (which has happened once in our 5 year marriage, so I don't quite know what he was thinking... just longing for freedom I suppose). I knew though, that I would not love living in an empty house all alone so we got Sophie to keep me company through the many months of separation that we knew would be headed our way. Soph and I have been through a lot together to say the least. She was allowed to sleep on my bed when it was only occupied on one side for a very sad reason and nuzzled up to me when she could sense I was sad... went on runs together... got hooked on American Idol and Biggest Loser together... and yes, she chewed through her share of couches and walls in our first house. Quite the girl.

Oh, sweet Sophie. How beautiful is she?!? She can be the most obnoxious, feisty, naughty dog, but I just simply adore her. She is waiting expectantly for me to play her favorite game that Lane and her play together all the time- lacrosse. She's actually pretty good.

My attempts at crafting included making this wreath. Not making as much as stuffing things together. I can claim originality on the bow though.

This is probably my husbands #1 biggest pet peeve for me... anyone else do this? I reuse plastic baggies over, and over, and over. This constant scene in our kitchen drives him CRAZY, but I refuse to submit to his demands and just throw them away. What is he thinking?

Okay, so here was the Crock-pot disaster. Originally meant to be Teriyaki Pork. I walked back inside the house with it smelling AMAZING and was so excited to lay eyes on the feast only to find this...

I created tar.

The funniest (saddest?) part of the whole fiasco was that Lane actually ate it. He put it on his plate, ate it, and said it was delicious. I threw up a little in my mouth.

Not a recent picture, but she's just too stinkin cute to not do two pics of her in one post. Oh geez, I'm turning into one of THOSE people aren't I. Who talk about their dogs like they're people... I refuse to dress her. Stop me before it gets to that point.

My afternoon will now be spent on some much-needed editing; here I go.

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