Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I say tomato, you say Roger That

I was talking a little earlier with L about a project that needed to get done around the house. He told me that he has a pretty crazy week & probably won’t be able to get to it so if I want it done I will just have to do it ‘Sua Sponte.’ Literally. Those were the words he used. For those non-military speakers out there, Sua Sponte means of one’s own accord. That you can do something without another’s prompting or help.

The military is weird. It changes how you speak and L just can’t shake it so I still continually have to ask him to translate 5 years in.

Last week I got lost while driving in our new town (forgot our Garmin at home, thus defeating the whole purpose of buying the thing!) so I had to call L to look up directions on the internet.

He told me he found it, so be prepared because he’s going to ‘talk me on to our target.’

Oh, Army.


  1. The scary thing, for me, is when I do begin to understand, and even "speak Navy" myself. oy. Love it though - and glad to read your previous post about your thoughts on love and marriage and a fab V-day weekend! Love! :)

  2. I had a dream about you and Beau last night- you were making pancakes in our kitchen. Weird. :)

  3. Nice. I make some delicious pancakes! :)