Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chaos, Colds, and Camping

I'm alive. But barely... this week knocked me over multiple times. I feel like I've been a little MIA but the MIAness of me is going to just have to continue for a little bit longer because the boy and I are about to leave for that glorious backpacking trip in Utah that I was telling you about.

This has been a non-stop, barely-catch-your-breath kind of week. It's all been fun stuff (teaching, an overnight in the mountains with L's coworkers/friends, high school soccer games, a couple meetings, etc...) but I have had this cloud of a cold that's been hovering over me for the last week and I haven't quite been able to kick it to the curb. Or curve? I never know if I'm quoting the right phrase sometimes. Curb seems to make the most sense to me.

I digress.

I feel like I'm getting better though, and it might have something to do with the 9 hours (sheesh!) of sleep I allowed myself to get last night. I DO NOT want to still be sick when I begin hiking through the canyons of Utah while keeping my eyes peeled for snakes and bears and coyotes and flash floods and rodents of unusual size. I need to be on full alert!

Now, my friends, in case any of you have the misperception that I might be a super-cool, rough, hardcore kind of a gal for going backpacking with L let me assure you... this is not the case.

Yes, I love the outdoors. And yes, this will be a fun trip.

This isn't me, but imagine this as me in 3 days. This is what we'll be hiking through though... beautiful, huh?

However. I love showers. I love make-up and all things girly. I like cute shoes and have a slight addiction to purses. Shopping for no reason at all sings to my soul.

Because of the fact that L and I are going on this manly tough backpacking trip over Spring Break we agreed to go on a completly opposite trip for our 5 year (!) anniversary trip this May... COSTA RICA BABY! We have the flights booked and are planning where we're staying as we speak (write/read?) and I am BEYOND excited. Let me assure you there will be no hard-coreness in that trip whatsoever. That trip will include massages, delicious beverages, shopping, laying by the pool, and reading. And also massages. Relaxation and pampering at its finest. In Costa Rica. Amen, and Amen.

Until that beautiful trip of which packing will consist of the 4 S's as I like to call them... swimsuits, sunscreen, sundresses, and sandals...

Packing for Utah includes this:

Yes, those are Cadbury Caramel Eggs... they are a must. I'm packing them in secret; L would never allow them. If you learn nothing else from me, learn this: They only come out one time a year; eat them like there's no tomorrow.
And yes, that is a shovel... use your imagination as to what that's, Ahem, used for.

and this:

and this:

My addiction to bags includes the purchase of this backpack. She is glorious, folks. Can't wait to take her out for our inaugural spin.
Also, please disregard the sponge-painted blue walls. This is a rental house; if it was my own that would have been changed before I could fall asleep.

Can't wait to show y'all pictures of the canyons of Utah of my own! Have a great week!

See you when we get back!


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