Monday, March 22, 2010

DIY of the Day

I crafted today. Days that I don't sub are pretty much up to me as to how I fill them: I try to get some writing done every day, do my bible study, work out, run errands, play with Sophie, clean the house and cook up some yumminess for any/all of the meals, spend time with L, talk to every member of my family at some point... but what I do and when I do it varies from day to day.

One thing that I LOVE doing that has dropped off of my radar really since Christmas is crafting. Anything and everything crafty is what I adore.

I make necklaces. Have I told you that yet? I'm thinking about putting them up on Etsy soon (they really are pretty stinkin cute), but then there's the whole not loving rejection thing and I fear no one would buy them! It's nerdy. But anyway, I love popping in a movie and crafting away creating my necklaces. We'll see what happens with them, but it's a fun side hobby.

I've repurposed furniture and discovered trash into treasure with the best of them. Hobby Lobby, garage sales, and thrift stores speak to my heart more than Banana Republic or Anthropologie.

That's a lie. Besides my husband and Jesus, I'm not sure anything speaks to my heart as much as Anthropologie. That is a fact.

All of this to say, I got back to crafting today. Genevieve Turner was on HGTV in the background inspiring me to make beautiful things so I made a Burlap Wreath. One thing to know about me is that there is not an original bone in my body. I could never be a real interior designer- I just can't look at an empty room and imagine the possibilities.

However, I am pretty darn good at copying (re-creating, borrowing, etc. etc.). And that is what I did with this new wreath. I was sick of the wreath that was on my front door so I exchanged it out with that, but my new friend just put it on top of a mirror in her room and it looks super cute there.

:::Burlap Wreath:::

The participants:
I used 1 yard of burlap (1/2 off at Hobby Lobby)
Some cute ribbon I had around the house
A wire hanger

Take the wire hanger and shape it into a circle. Mine definitely put up a bit of a fight, so good luck with this.

See my perfect circle? I paid attention in Kindergarten.

I cut the burlap into about 4-5" wide strips that were the full yard (3 feet for folks who struggle like me). I started with only these 5, but ended up cutting another 5 and used the entire yard.

Once you get them cut, just begin poking the hanger through the burlap and
scrunch your little heart away.
Quick tip: I initially made the loops too big, so had to take it all apart and made smaller loops which looked/worked much better.

Once you have your burlap strips the whole way around the circle, tie it up with your pretty ribbon and hang it somewhere in your house that will
make you smile~!

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  1. you should totally join etsy. i've heard that especially with jewelry it's hard at the beginning (and i am definitely finding it hard to sell) but if you join a Team or talk in the forums it's really good fun and supportive and just wonderful!! i think i have a long time before i'm a big seller on there, but as a starting point, who cares?! you make the jewelry for fun anyways, right?!