Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hurry up and wait

In the beginning:

There were... nerves. Check.

There was... excitement. Check.

Sarah ventured into the unknown... Check.

There were fireworks, parties, and hoopla in general... Nope. UN-check that one for sure.

So I did it. I finally began contacting literary agents about my book. Or manuscript. Document. Giant THING on my computer. If you are a new friend on here and haven't heard about my story, you can check it out here. Basically, I wrote a book about my Army man going over to war several times and what that did to my heart, my faith, and our marriage.

As you might remember, I was FREAKING OUT about starting this process. I let go of thinking that each letter I sent out to these agents had to be perfect though. I just tried to get one the best I possibly could without worrying about all 50 being perfect. Slowly but surely I'll contact all of these agents on my list.

All of the pressure I put on sending out my query letters PLUS my excitement of the possibilities I was opening up equaled much anxiety and hopeful anticipation.

So I got my initial 4 query letters as good as they were going to be, obsessively read them 200 times in a row, pressed send, and....


No Big Band came marching through my house in jubilee. No phone rang of congratulations. Not even a little butterfly fluttered in my stomach. It just felt very... normal. It was weird.

Hurry Up and Wait was a phrase used lots in L's Army experience. They would have to rush to get somewhere only to wait in line or stand in a formation for hours on end. They would exit a bus being yelled at to grab their gear and get in formation only to find out that their orders didn't begin for another hour so they Hurried Up... only to Wait.

That is me right now. I rushed, hurried up, and freaked out over sending out these letters... if any agent is interested it will be AT LEAST 6-8 weeks before I get contacted. There's going to be a lot of waiting in the future.

In less dramatic and MUCH more exciting news, I was nominated for a blog award! How fun is that?! More to come on THAT soon!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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