Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snapshots of my weekend

L is off playing Army right now. It's a lot easier saying goodbye to him when we've had some quality time than when we're disconnected. Yes, I miss him, but I just got tons of time with him, and anyway, him being gone opens up my free time to do fun things like go to garage sales, afternoon tea with my neighbor, and make crafts!

My tulips are so pretty! Such a fun burst of color in the front yard, too bad they have such a short life.

These ones are just weird. Can you see the weird razor things on them? I've never seen things like this before.

I skipped out on going to church this morning. I just don't love going by myself. Although I've had TONS of practice going by myself, I just wasn't up for it this morning. And I timed my schedule poorly anyway since I got done working out 1/2 an hour before the service started. Which I could have made if I really tried, but it just helped my excuse-loving ways.

So, I listened to a speaker online and made this project while I listened. I love it! I'm going to send them to some of my girlfriends to keep in their purse, by their bed, etc.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


  1. Great pictures. What a cool project too!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog; I really LOVE yours and look forward to following!! :o)

  3. Sarah,
    Tell me how you made those - they look like a great gift that I could have the kids make for someone. Love the tulips - you must not have rabbits there like we do! Those tulips would be a quick snack for our hungry critters!

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  4. Buffi- They would make a great gift; that's a good idea. They were super easy to make. I found 24 or so verses that I loved and typed them out in Word. I think I had it in 10 point font, of various fonts, and it was in 2 colums center-spaced. Then, I went to Hobby Lobby, found some cardstock in colors I liked, printed it out on them and cut it up. Hobby Lobby also had some metal rings in the scrapbook section that I put them on and tied a pretty ribbon on the ring. I also found some cute stickers that I put on each verse, but that's not a must. Ta-da! Super cute.