Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vay-cay time!

It's here.

Ohmygoodness I can hardly wait.

We leave TODAY for the land known as Costa Rica.

I plan on spending my next week and a half sitting on the beach. Sipping Mai Tais. Reading a few books. Writing. Talking with my hubs. Sipping more Mai Tais. And, of course, eating.

Maybe surfing, though I am pretty scared to try it out. Probably zip-lining through the rainforest. But definitely eating lots and lots of salsa.

I'll be thinking of you guys while my toes dabble in the surf and my feet sink into the sand.

See you when we get back!


  1. Don't lie- you wont be thinking about us!

    and you should definitely zip line- although UNCOMFORTABLE!!!

  2. Have you done it before? It was so so SO fun, but yes uncomfortable. I did one called superman, where you go on your stomach and fly; that was the most fun one, but the worst too. Worth it though!